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Fecha: 06 July 2016

MEDELLÍN, JULY 3rd, 2016



Surprisingly, I read the press article issued today, July 3rd, by the newspaper EL ESPECTADOR, where the journalist María Paulina Baena Jaramillo, in response to the worrying situation that has been seen in these days regarding cosmetic surgeries, decides to perform and publish a graphic report “Women who dared to show their scars for poorly done plastic surgeries”, without carrying out the proper ethical and professional process of consulting all the parties involved in each case.


First of all, I sympathize with the situation of María Alejandra González who has been my patient and who during her process we accompany her with the medical and professional requirements she has needed, with full consent on her part in each personalized attention that has been provided to her. It is known to both the doctor and the patient that all surgical interventions can present complications, and although their rates are extremely low when it comes to surgeons and competent institutions, as it is in our case. Unfortunately, in the procedure, subject of this article, several postoperative pathologies that triggered its complication took place, which have received medical and professional attention, as I have mentioned, and they have been related and detailed in each of the medical records of the institutions where she has been treated, which were not taken into account for the realization of the report.

I am a Doctor from the University of Antioquia and a Specialist in Plastic Surgery from the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Sao Paulo (Brazil), a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. For more than 10 years I have provided advice, procedures and support in plastic surgery, I am always supported by medical professionals and duly accredited anesthesiologists, allowing my patients to receive comprehensive, safe and qualified attention. All my patients enjoy continuous, professional and specialized follow-up, nevertheless in the few cases of complication, we give the maximum effort and look for suitable solutions. The Canadian medical specialist mentioned in the article, and the other doctors, were part of the medical team and the Institution that was integrated by the policy that we responsibly offer to our patients.

In our practice we always work at the Bioforma Clinic, a serious institution with local and national recognition, which has the backing of the regulatory authorities and the regulations required to carry out cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. We have never worked from inappropriate places and we share with our allies the professionalism and compliance with the regulations required and necessary for our practice.

I am willing, before the prestigious journalistic institution such as El Espectador, the legal entities, the authorities, or whoever is necessary, to provide the pertinent information about this particular case and about my general action in order to clarify and defend my good name and professionalism, even more for not having been heard. I trust that in the future journalism will seek complete information on these cases with all the parties involved because the truth must always be present, and the justice that emerges from it, must emerge not only for the State to take measures against the irregularities that may be happening, but also, for those of us who have acted with responsibility and righteousness can serve from it.


I hope from the heart that the patient María Alejandra González can find physical and emotional wellness given the presented situation, showing her our willingness to assist her and put at her disposal the medical team and the necessary procedures to help her, as we have repeatedly expressed in the Medical appointments and conversations we’ve had with her.


Edison Osorio Londoño

Plastic Surgeon.

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