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Add your pictures following the instructions of our photographic guide. The pictures are essential to obtain the budget for your surgery.
If you have any inconvenient sending your pictures through the form. Please send them to your pictures(If you want to choose several images you can press CTRL key and at the same time select the ones you like).
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Receive necessary information (your surgery)


At first, you will be attended for our representative who will help you to register and inform you some steps to follow, making you comfortable from the first moment.

Before your procedure, you and Dr. Amaya will discuss the surgical plan and will review all the details about your surgery, like treatment areas, implant sizes and other important details.

The surgery will be performed by Dr. Edison Osorio and his team which is formed by anesthesiologist, surgical technologist and assistant.

Once the procedure is finished, you will be taken to the recovery area for monitoring, tracking and medicine administration.

According to your surgery’s magnitude, you will remain in the clinic for the first night or you will be accompanied by one of our nurses to a hotel, where they can take care of your post-operatory, personal hygiene.

Confidentiality agreement

The information and pictures sent through this media, are received only by Dr. Edison Osorio and Patient Assessor General Manager Ángela María Carrasquilla, who use your information for assessment, orientation, valuation and answering your doubts about the surgical procedures made by us.

Our commitment is not reproduce, modify, divulgue or use the information for publicity or mass diffusion, except previous written and expressed authorization by the patient. Also, we will protect your personal data from people who write us, we guarantee your confidentiality and we will prevent non-authorized third parties from accessing.