Breast lift with implants

Breasts are synonymous of sensuality, beauty and harmony; it is one of the ideal sought by many women. The most common causes of loss or lack of breast volume are breastfeeding and weight. This volume can be recovered using a technique that integrates an implant that naturally projects the beautiful and attractive breasts curves, restoring the pear shape or water drop shape.La breast surgery is performed according to the general and anatomical women’s measurements as the silhouette, weight, hair, waist, height, etc., so that gives harmony to the whole of your body.

Breast Implants: There are several modern practices using implants of the latest generation, compounds of advanced silicone, highly cohesive or moldable, microtextured and resistant, providing a defined cleavage, marked, natural and sensual, filling proportionally the entire upper and lower breast contour for good results with projections according to the body.

This is obtained from the hand of a skilled professional like Dr. Edison Osorio who provides diagnosis and treatment and guarantees a short-term recovery and a prompt integration into the physical activities and employment.

  • Surgery objective: Reduce, project and / or increase the breast with breast implants, to show off a sexy and attractive breasts that harmonize with the body shape of women.
  • Operating time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Anesthesia: general.
  • Type of disability: outpatient.
  • Results: six months.

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