Intimate Beauty

We fulfill your desire to feel sexy and secure with your partner in the most intimate moments. Our advanced methods with cutting-edge technologies, high accuracy and short time of intervention, make you quickly recover, renew your inner beauty and health and soon you will return to experience the comfort and confidence in yourself.

Vaginal embellishment

Health and personal satisfaction with the special incentive complemented by the intimate beauty and harmonious relationship with the body, make women feel safe and sensual. When this is lost by genetic, constitutional, hormonal reasons, the traces of one or more parts or over the years, can be a source of frustrations and insecurities that affect their individual balance and in some cases, the relationship with your partner. Today it is possible to perform surgery to help restore both the aesthetics and functionality of the vagina, using techniques that will definitely give a twist to the lives of women.

Vaginal embellishment or vaginoplasty, is a group of techniques to remove excess tissue in the vaginal area (minora and older liba) and fat mons, at the same time to narrow and strengthens the vaginal canal, shape or refill the labia and moderate the clitoral hood, particularly by advanced methods with the latest technology to allow precision, soon intervention, less bleeding and speedy recovery, leaving very mild and hidden scars, providing a quick recovery.

Naturalness, beauty, comfort and strengthening that the entire intervention gives to the intimate part, facilitates the use of adjusted clothing, better and comfortable hygiene, harmonious and sensual appearance,, more friction and G-spot stimulation, increasing the self-esteem of women and satisfaction for both her and her partner.

There are other procedures that are also part of this package of interventions, which can come in a timely manner after surgery. These are the final laser hair removal and genital depigmentation

Vaginoplasty or rejuvenation:

Sets or close the vulva and vaginal cavity, reaffirming its muscles and improving control over it. Reduces the internal diameter and the external strengthening all the perineal area. As a result; it increases sexual satisfaction and correct urinary incontinence.

Labioplasty reduction:

Corrects the imbalances of minors or labia and clitoris, remodeling your girth and length. Rebuilds and improves aesthetically vulvar structures damaged by childbirth, age or deformities, rejuvenating the vaginal opening and the vulvar structures.


This procedure is performed in conjunction with the vaginoplasty. It is to create a strong area of skin in the area between the vagina and rectum to give firmness to the vaginal opening.


Hymen reconstructed by very fine cuts made on the remaining parts of the original hymen, which then they come together to form the tissue again.

Pubic liposculture:

It reduces fat deposits that are located on the mons pubis or the lower abdomen part where the belly meets the pubic area, eliminating the appearance of the swelling area and giving a smooth, feminine look with the use of tight clothes.

Peeling genital:

Es la exfoliación de la piel superficial mediante peelings con fórmulas médicas para conseguir la textura y el color deseados: piel rosada, más tersa y de aspecto más joven.

Genital peeling:

Decolora la pigmentación oscura de los genitales externos dándoles una tonalidad más clara sin alterar la suavidad y textura de la piel.

Intimate whitening:

Discolor dark pigmentation of the external genital organs giving a lighter shade without altering the softness and texture of the skin.

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