Neck lifting

A young beautiful and sensual neck is given for good definition, moist skin and absence of sharp lines, biological causes, accumulation of fat in this area, or time passing by, are causes for losing its ideal characteristics.

It is there where the neck lifting, can regain its contour by removing the excess of skin, fat and toning muscles, shortening and repositioning them in deep tissues and places anatomically appropriated. Currently there are many techniques, less and less invasive with small scars and fast recovery, facilitating the rapid reintegration into the regular activities. In some cases, other complementary procedures such as Botox, volume fillers, peelings, will ultimately help to reflect, in a healthy and youthful way, the complement of the face and neck.

  • Purpose of the Surgery: Improving the position of the tissues of the neck and putting them back in place, giving a natural and relaxed appearance and wellness.
  • Surgery Time: 3 hours
  • Anesthesia general
  • Type of Leave: 15 days
  • Recovery: 6 months.

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