A defined and marked belly with shaped silhouettes is the harmony and balance of the body. The accumulation of fatty tissue in some areas of the body, hormonal causes, use of hormonal drugs, weight gain, postpartum, among others; make natural and sensuous curves of the body disappear, but it’s possible to recover them with precise techniques such as: ultrasound, Lipo implosion, lipolysis, hydrolysis and Lipolaser, which enhance the natural curves given by the muscles and define softly or discreetly each body segment in the desired manner; natural, anatomical and highly defined.

For this, each patient should be evaluated according to their rate and proportion of total body fat, which will provide specific guidelines to Plastic Surgeon Edison Osorio to mark each segment: double chin, arms, upper and lower abdomen, back region, derriere, ideal leg and calf curves. The recovery is fast, with minimal scars, providing the sensual, harmonious and healthy body results always desired.

  • Liposuction Surgery Objective: Remove excess fat accumulated in localized areas of the body; to improve body shape.
  • Operating time: 1-3 hours.
  • Anesthesia: General.
  • Type of disability:  outpatient.
  • Results: six months.

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Testimony of Alejandra Montoya. Surgery:Lipoesculpture (Spanish)

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