Sensuality, femininity and harmony given by the breasts is wonderful for all women. The loss of some of these features because of breastfeeding, genetics, constitution, hormones, obesity, weight loss, among others, creates the need or the desire to recover the harmonious form of the breasts, therefore, it should be convenient to invoke specialized and advanced techniques, less invasive each day, that with or without the use of breast implants, retrieve the contour and perfect breast shape.

Plastic surgery for breast lifting based on a good preliminary diagnosis, carries out the relocation of the nipple and areola, mammary gland and fixing it to muscle diagrams, allowing the desired profile according to the texture of the women’s body and desired outcome for her. Recovery is easy and little disabling.

  • Purpose of the Surgery: Reduce and project the mammary gland without breast implants for enhancing the breast and highlighting the body shape.
  • Surgery Time: 4-5 hours.
  • Anesthesia general
  • Type of Leave: Outpatient
  • Recovery: 6 months

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