Face Lifting

A beautiful, harmonious, cheerful face must have a unique magic in its three thirds, (upper, middle and lower) starting with the good positioning of the eyebrows and eyelids, which are coupled to projected cheekbones that will finally help mark a semi-curved and arched mandibular angle. All this complemented by proportioned lips and a nose with defined angles and projections.

As it is known to all, hormonal agents, ultraviolet rays and especially age, categorically influence these properties and cause that balance is reduced in one or several segments. It is there, where plastic surgery with its important technical and scientific advances has reached facial rejuvenation, treating each of the fundamental segments in good physiognomy accurately. The procedure is aimed at removing the excess of skin, repositioning the facial musculature in the appropriate places, fixing it in deep and firm planes, modeling the anatomical structures, so that they give lasting results with minimal and hidden scars most of the time in the scalp, returning firmness, beauty and slenderness to the face.

But the face lifting is not the only technique, Dr. Edison Osorio also uses procedures that, if necessary, help complement the surgery, with minimal side effects and excellent results, which improve the expression lines and the contour of the face such as natural or synthetic fillers, platelet rich plasma, Botox, laser, peels, substitution, dermabrasion, microlipts, electrostimulation, micro punctures, etc. In this way it is possible to obtain a youthful, natural and harmonious appearance to recreate beauty.

  • Purpose of the Surgery: Correct wrinkles and sagging facial tissues to rejuvenate.
  • Surgery Time: 3 a 4 hours.
  • Anesthesia general
  • Type of Leave: 15 days
  • Recovery: 6 months.


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